Keep Dreaming…


I caught myself giggling randomly in church last weekend. The truth is for a moment I had lost concentration and started reflecting on the previous year. It’s amazing what God can do when you surrender your dreams to him and let him take the lead. 2015 was my year of adventure, and adventure it was.

I started looking back to the beginning of the year when we came back from Zim with nothing but awesome memories (as in literally, if you’re Zimbabwean you’ll know what I mean, you come back with nothing). So I had no job, plenty bills, no real idea of what I was going to do…BUT, I had a vision. FreekÁ. I think FreekÁ was something I can genuinely say I put my heart and soul into. Long days and late nights but adrenaline and passion kept me going, finally understanding what they mean when they say “when you do what you love it doesn’t feel like a job”. It showed me that a girl can dream. So…I kept dreaming. A couple months later, Lentendreonline. It’s been a full week since we launched online and what a whirlwind it has been. Lots of learning, but we’re getting there. Thank you to our very first online orders, your support means so much to me.

I wore this white ruffle mini dress on New Year’s Eve, a perfect little number to welcome 2016 in sweltering 40 degree Melbourne heat. In case you haven’t noticed I haven’t been wearing anything that clings to me. I’m just not about that life at the moment, I’m all about comfort and ease, something I can literally throw on. This cutey kept me cool and cute all day. Get yours right here, it comes in a sand colour too!







  1. Anasthasiastyle · January 16, 2016

    Beautiful! ^_^


  2. Anonymous · January 17, 2016

    Well come back. You look fresh and rested. A good way to start. Is the online store for ladies only? Do you have an online catalogue? Please share link. Glad to have you back. Papa.


  3. Anonymous · January 17, 2016

    Well come! Shows the brain has been on rest. Welcome back!!


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