Keep Dreaming…


I caught myself giggling randomly in church last weekend. The truth is for a moment I had lost concentration and started reflecting on the previous year. It’s amazing what God can do when you surrender your dreams to him and let him take the lead. 2015 was my year of adventure, and adventure it was.

I started looking back to the beginning of the year when we came back from Zim with nothing but awesome memories (as in literally, if you’re Zimbabwean you’ll know what I mean, you come back with nothing). So I had no job, plenty bills, no real idea of what I was going to do…BUT, I had a vision. FreekÁ. I think FreekÁ was something I can genuinely say I put my heart and soul into. Long days and late nights but adrenaline and passion kept me going, finally understanding what they mean when they say “when you do what you love it doesn’t feel like a job”. It showed me that a girl can dream. So…I kept dreaming. A couple months later, Lentendreonline. It’s been a full week since we launched online and what a whirlwind it has been. Lots of learning, but we’re getting there. Thank you to our very first online orders, your support means so much to me.

I wore this white ruffle mini dress on New Year’s Eve, a perfect little number to welcome 2016 in sweltering 40 degree Melbourne heat. In case you haven’t noticed I haven’t been wearing anything that clings to me. I’m just not about that life at the moment, I’m all about comfort and ease, something I can literally throw on. This cutey kept me cool and cute all day. Get yours right here, it comes in a sand colour too!






The Fourth Quarter


Aaaand the award for “worst blogger of the last quarter of the year” goes tooo???

Haha! I will gladly accept that award. I literally faded in the last quarter, but for very good reasons. LIFE. But, alas I have returned, refreshed and ready for a new year! I won’t start on my New Year resolutions and goals just yet, I thought I’d start by giving you an update on whats news in my world. 

So, as you know Mama Chinyanda flew in. Her first trip down under and also a bit of a special one to see her son graduate in his MBA, so it meant a lot to us. It was a bit of a crazy time though. As you know,  I had just come back from being Solo in South Korea so I was tired but also still stuck in my own world of all things fashion and day dreaming about Seoul fashion week. I also came back feeling invigorated and extremely excited to launch Lentendreonline, something that had been on my heart for a long time. So there I was, quite keen to juggle three roles I take very seriously, Muroora, Fashionista (blogging, styling and photography  well as launching the clothing boutique) and Tour guide. Fast forward about 3 days. I crashed and burned. (ahaa moment). I decided to put L’entendre aside and focus on family. Best decision ever.  As soon as I let go of everything, I felt the pressure lift off and I thoroughly enjoyed having Mama around. By the time she left, Tapi and I felt such a strong spiritual renewing. Yes, we explored Melbourne, we hung out with friends, awesome road trips but what resonated with us the most is how she made sure we set aside a full hour each night dedicated to reading the word and praying. It’s true what they say about ana Mama. It’s not luck that gets us through each day in the Diaspora, it’s our mother’s daily prayers for us.  

Tapi’s 30th Birthday. Have you ever kept a massive secret from the person you share everything with (including bank accounts)? It’s painful, and you start to feel like a thief in the night as well. Anyway, the day finally came. I left the itinerary for our surprise getaway under his pillow, he woke up, was utterly confused, didn’t believe me, thought it was all a bit of a“hoax” (his word not mine, who still uses the word “hoax” anyway) that was until we were literally minutes away from the airport and it actually dawned on him that we were actually going to Singapore! I think it’s fair to say that nothing beats that warm fuzziness you feel inside when you give and see the joy it brings to the receiver’s eyes. It makes all the stress worth it. A few words to describe our little vacay…it was a perfect paradise.   

Two weeks later my brother and his wife arrived. Now let me explain. As the only girl and the youngest of four I was never really old enough to hang with my brothers. It’s taken a long time for me to actually be able to hang with my brother. So let’s just say I was very excited, and I was also on a mission to get both him and his wife to move to Melbourne. I left no stone unturned. After my daily itineraries which were jam-packed with entertainment and activities, they both left depressed about the prospect about going back to their beloved Jo’burg…mission accomplished!

So that’s it in a nutshell. In between all the above we managed to steal a few hours here and there to work on Lentendreonline and also managed to drop in to show you a sneak peak! Thank you to so many of you who have already been shopping in our boutique through social media and word of mouth, I’m overwhelmed by the support. So with no further ado.


I hope you like my first pick. This week, wearing one of my favs, the Pinafore dress, knit crop and the oversize denim jacket for him and her. Let me know what you think! 🙂

L’entendre Online



L’entendre. Derived from the saying or expression “Double Entendre”. Double entendre – a word or expression that can be understood in two ways, one way usually quite risqué.

L’entendre was the birth of my very own double entendre.

It started off as a simple expression that I didn’t even really know the meaning of but I liked how it sounded. Now it has become my story. Constantly conflicted between pursuing a career that was guaranteed, safe and secure and following a path which I believed I was destined to follow, one that was uncertain, volatile and exhilarating. I felt as though I was torn between two worlds.

L’entendre online is a product of my love of style, background in commerce and my husband’s creative genius. Bringing balance and uniting my two worlds. Our boutique is an eclectic mix of androgynous, menswear inspired pieces, something that is important to me as the kind of girl who likes to borrow clothes from my husband’s closet. You’ll also find a variety of what I believe to be classic closet staples. Timeless pieces that transcend trends, pieces that are open to your interpretation, allowing you to create your own style. Join us on this journey, discovering and curating.

Raw Style Truth Love.



I knew the last quarter of this year was going to be hectic but I suppose you can never really fully prepare yourself. So in between trying to be a loving wife, an awesome daughter in law (Mama Chinyanda visiting remember) work, blogging and now a budding entrepreneur, it’s fair to say it’s been hectic. My last blog post was a reminder for myself (as I know I don’t do pressure very well) kinda like a mantra to keep me on track, keep me positive and in control of my emotions. I was doing pretty well till this morning when I caught myself complaining to God about how stressed and anxious I am and asking how I manage to find myself  in these situations. I had to quickly remind myself of my own words. What words are you speaking into your life Mati? Deep breath. YOU GOT THIS. Just trust and believe, find your peace and just be patient. Yes, patience. Patience and I have beef. Something I believe I inherited from my father. Personally i think it’s getting worse with age. Actually. Whoops! I take that back…

Speaking of patience. The plan was to wait till all my pieces for my boutique were in check and the website looked perfect, but this is something that has been on my heart for a while so I feel like I’ve biiiin waiting, but realistically it’s only been a couple of months since I actually started working on it. So instead of waiting till it’s absolutely perfect I’ve decided I’m going to start showing you a few of my fav pieces from the store like this Tulle skirt. I feel like the tulle skirt deserves to be inducted into the “classics” hall of fame. It will never get old. I’ve paired it with a leather jacket and some lace up heels, to give it a little bit of edge, nothing says YOU GOT THIS like an army green and black combo. 

BTW…not long till you can buy this skirt on our online store 🙂 


This week’s message: Never underestimate the power of the tongue.

Stress, anxiety, worry, fear, panic, lack of self-belief, envy, sadness, loneliness, desperation, despair, anger…depression                                                                                                                   Or
Peace, calm, fearless, trust, patience, belief, love, happiness, forgiveness, fulfilment, joy, faith…hope

What words are you choosing to speak into you your life? Read More

Solo in Seoul – Mission Accepted

My first solo trip ever. I mean of course I did my first Zim to Melbourne trip alone. But that was different, I was coming to uni and there were people ready to meet me and help me settle in when I arrived. Seoul on the other hand. Solo. Me myself and I. I knew no one, couldn’t speak a single word of Korean and…I’m black. Interestingly,  the locals didn’t care too much for my blackness which I found strange given not a single black person was in sight for the first 24 hours of my trip. I would later realise however that there is actually a large community of black Americans living in Seoul, so most of the locals just assumed I was black American I guess, well till I opened my mouth that is. Read More

My Definition.

I had pretty much decided to give this week’s post a miss, simply because it goes against every teaching I EVER received from my culture. So if you’re reading this post shaking your head from side to side making that ‘tsk tsk’ disappointed sound, thinking “didn’t her mother teach her better” STOP that right now and hear me out.

Have you ever wondered why we look away or wince with embarrassment or pick out flaws when we see a black woman in a bathing suit, but yet we don’t even flinch when we see a white woman in a bathing suit? It’s almost like we’ve been brainwashed by the media and society into believing that beautiful is skinny with golden olive skin and bright blue or green eyes and long dark silky locks. What, so it’s ok for white women to celebrate their bodies and for the world to call that beautiful and sexy and for that to be the standard to which all women are held to, even though in reality we come in all different shapes colours and sizes? I feel like black women are so under-represented especially in the fashion industry. Yes, there has been some improvement over the years however when you do come across a picture of a black woman in a magazine it’s normally a half black woman who still technically has that golden olive-brown skin and the long black silky locks down her back. So where does that leave the rest of us?

I come from a culture where showing a lot of skin is pretty much considered ‘soliciting’ your body and therefore you could be labelled ‘loose’ in our community. To be seen in your bathing suit is considered taboo, inappropriate or vulgar. Don’t get me wrong, I understand there are some good lessons for young women such as ‘value yourself’ and ‘respect your body’ however there is also another side to this that I feel has left me with a certain complex when it comes to my own body image. The truth is that I have really struggled with enjoying my sexuality and femininity without dealing with the fear of being judged or even fighting my own feelings of guilt and embarrassment. It’s taken me years (as in it’s still a work in progress) to feel somewhat comfortable in my own skin and I’ve realized that I’m not alone in this. Besides that one science class in high school on ‘reproduction’ no one really talked to me about female sexuality, I was always told to hide my body but never told to be proud of my body…well, until I met my husband.

So, here I am wearing these orange bathers that my husband got for me. I’m wearing them with a black wrap skirt around my waist because that’s MY definition of sexy and a little white tee because I’m a top or bottom kinda girl and a head wrap because I ain’t tryna get this wig wet! I love my culture and I certainly respect it but I think there is a greater conversation here, women in Africa today are being taunted and even beaten for wearing any clothing that is considered ‘tight’ or ‘revealing’. Keen to hear your thoughts.

Die Hards

Now that the sun is shining I’m tempted to start shopping again but I know it’s too soon (i.e. it’s the beginning of the season so you’re going to be paying double/triple for that cute top). So I’m holding onto my coins! If you’re like me it means time to start pulling out your ‘die-hards’ and re-inventing them. Last weekend I decided to go into my own archives to see what I could wear to a picnic in the park with a group of friends. I love this dress for three reasons… Read More

Dream Catching

I thought I’d share some notes that I took from a sermon delivered by Ps Sal from our church. She titled it ‘Open Shut Them’. She referenced a story in the book of Chronicles about two kings. Father and son. One king closed the door on his faith and forced his people to do the same. His son,  the king that succeeded him after many years of lost hope reopened the door and led the people to believe again. The son had a vision. A dream. Ps Sal began to expand on the dreams that God puts in our hearts. After weeks of feeling inexplicably weighed down, doubtful and questioning my own dreams. I knew this word was for me. Here are a Read More

A Trip Down Memory Lane

It’s hard to believe it’s been just over a year since we began this journey. As cliché as it may sound, it feels like it’s been so much longer. The other day I was reading some of my earlier blog posts, something I had been meaning to do for a while but kept procrastinating, probably because I didn’t want to revisit all the emotions that came with that time. I also knew I’d be cringing at how much of the ‘vulnerable side of Mati’ I have exposed over the past year. A side that most people didn’t even know existed. No regrets here though, I feel more alive than I ever have. Although I went through some real lows, the highs have been so much more. I feel like I stopped just existing and actually started living. It’s no surprise I find myself feel Read More